About Central American Timber

Central American Timber supplies both FSC® and non-FSC® lumber and finds it vital to understand where the material is sourced from and that it is done in a responsible and legal manner. We comply with this by doing our due diligence to make sure that we are well within the law. Central American Timber strives to educate our customers to the supply chain in which the lumber is sourced from in an environmentally friendly process.

Central American Timber not only sources the material, but also manages their customer’s incoming material from the mills that best suite their needs. This allows us to keep he quality intact and also manage the kiln drying to insure it is done in the proper way. This is vital for our end users as we focus on guitar and custom door and window manufacturers.

Central American Timber utilizes conventional kilns while drying the lumber. This is because using conventional kilns have stood up to the test of time. They allow for the most stress free lumber in the volumes that are achievable in the desired specie. CAT is also working on new processes for kiln drying without collapsing the cell walls while maintaining the natural color of the lumber. This is only done on small quantities of lumber and slabs. CAT personally inspects the lumber once dry to maintain the highest quality possible.

Central American Timber also provides direct shipment services from the source. By doing this we not only have a shorter lead time, but also save on unnecessary costs for the end user. When doing this, we encourage the end users to travel with us to ensure all of the parties involved are confident and aware of the entire supply chain. The family members of CAT have been importing foreign species for three generation and put the knowledge and work into the company to ensure the end users get the best quality product at the best possible prices.